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Stole this from @mama_lyz3 because my niece is just looking way too cute! #fierce #sass #ohnoyoudidnt LOL

Inside jokes. Yazzz

The Relationship Table

A relationship is like a table holding memories with the four legs being: Trust, Love, Care and Effort.

When you lose Trust, the table becomes unstable, but it can still stand as long as nothing shakes it too much. It can be rebuilt but it takes time and the table is required to rely more heavily on the support of the other three legs.

Eventually, Care follows slowly afterwards. You start to lose hope in everything that the relationship is. Sometimes there’s enough care left though, that you try to do or find things to keep the table from falling since it has only two legs remaining. Those things you do or find don’t last though; they aren’t meant to be permanent support.

After a while of exhausting all of your energy trying to not only rebuild the broken legs, but keep the table from toppling over as well, you just become tired when nothing is working and that’s when Effort breaks.. leaving you with just one leg left: Love.

A lot of the time, Love stays. It never leaves. It’s the strongest leg of the table and so difficult to break that it’s almost impossible. Even so, a table cannot stand on one leg. At this point, the table is toppled over and the memories that sat upon the table lay scattered and broken on the ground around it.

Can this table be rebuilt? Absolutely. With a lot of hard work from both people, they can rebuild a stronger table but it will take a lot of time. Some memories can be placed on the table, but there will be room for new ones. The real question is.. SHOULD this table be rebuilt? That’s the hard part. No one can give you an answer because it’s something you have to answer yourself. Only you know your situation and how or if you can even repair it. Love is hope but at the same time, that hope can be a poison that keeps you lingering at a broken table with no tools and you trying to fix it alone.

In the end, just because Love still remains as a leg of the table, doesn’t mean it should be rebuilt. It might be that it’s purpose now is to just remain there as a memory and lessons learned.






wouldnt it be fucking scary if you had a clock that counted down until the moment you die. like what if it could be altered too like one day it says 70 years left but then you do something and it says 10 minutes left and youre like what the fuck i fucked up i fucked up i fucked up


what if you got on a plane and then as soon as it took off everybodys clock changed to 20 minutes



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It would seem as though the world is full of treasure hunters, and those with pure hearts and love in abundance cry tears of gold.


Boys are stupid.

You’re together for the longest time ever, then he decides to end the relationship out of nowhere, tell you that they love you and they need time on their own or whatever, and 2 weeks later, they’re dating someone else already.

They find someone else just like that, and pretend that you never happened. That you never were important to them at all.

Happens to so many people. Bless your broken heart and hope the fucker gets his face shattered.

Look what I found next to each other ! Lol @emilysvetcos

Guess what came in the mailllll LOLOLOL. Yaaaaasssssss

If secrets will linger, then I will not. That’s why it’s time to go.

2010 vs 2014. Aw memories ;( @gnomko @addienoms

How many boyfriends do you have?

LOL. Why do you ask like I’d ever date multiple people? Oh my..

None, by the way.

An Owl’s Wisdom

I had a dream last night that a black owl had visited me and spoke to me. It felt like a memory of an event that never took place.

The owl, in a deep and powerful voice, said to me..

"You’re truly kind and good-hearted, and people know that and see it. You are wise but also foolish because you do not listen to it. You can’t blame anyone but yourself, now, because you are not being hurt anymore. You are hurting yourself.. By now allowing it to continue. You know how you are being treated and yet you let it happen. You’ve known for a while. You were shown loyalty but you saw deception and ignored it. It’s good that you look for the good in people, and it is there, but the good inside them may not always be good for YOU. Forgiveness is not easy but you do not struggle; also understand that forgiveness also doesn’t mean allowing people back to where they once were. You have an ability to come across people in life and bring good things to them, whether it be happiness or anything else. You will meet people who will see this and will take advantage of you. They will manipulate your good heart and drain not only what you want to give them but also your happiness and joy. These people may not be malicious in their ways, but some will be too selfish of their own needs to take notice of yours. You are stronger than you realize. You have a heart that has been a pillar of support for many others. Understand that it is your own pillar as well and that you must use it. You may be afraid, but it will be just fine. Do not worry or burden your heart with vengeance; the universe has its ways of keeping balance and giving back to those what they put into the world.

You are a light, and the world is a dark place. If you do not believe that, think of those who you have met only briefly, yet in that short amount of time, they feel something inside of you that draws them near. You make them feel comfortable and safe. You emit a positive energy that is contagious. Don’t let it be tainted. You are merely in a challenge that you can win, but you hesitate to end it and it is causing you harm. When you do, do it well. Do it how you normally would and allow no darkness in your decisions. Walk with purity as you have been, and you will walk with ease.”

I don’t know if it was a dream, or whatever else, but it was empowering and enlightening. What does an owls appearance in a dream even mean?

Omg. He’s real. And he’s in the Air Force. I must befriend him so he can give me pokemon.


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