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Omg. He’s real. And he’s in the Air Force. I must befriend him so he can give me pokemon.


(via unknowngian)

So basically, I found this app where you can put make up on. And I’d look so hawt when I full on cosplay just saying~ so da seckshi


You know what the best feeling in the world is?

When the person you like talks about their crush and how they make them feel inside, and you know it’s not you.

I’m ready for the baaaalllllll lol

If love were an Olympic event..

It would have been beautiful. Back in the day of our parents and especially before their time as well.. Back when people used to do crazy things just to express their emotion and love for one another.

These days.. People make it so easy and effortless. Too easy and effortless. Words begin to lose their meaning and action is rare.

Why you block? I just wanted to talk. Rude.

Where did I block you? Lol

Another day another dollarrr. Lolyay

would you have a sex with a girl??

Sure why not

dont u ever touch macky.. he is my BOYFRIEND,,, touch him n i'll kill yaaa.. :p

Aw I love macky :D I haven’t talked to him in a while thoughhh

I really want to give you a blowjob :/

Oh ok lol

Ummm rude. I thought you were open to conversation. Evidently not.

I am LOL but idk who my fake husband is lol. But if I did have one then sure. As long as it’s not illegal immoral or unethical

Do you do everything your fake husband tells you?

Lol wat? Who’s my fake husband?