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So I got abused all day at work today. This is only just the one that was caught on camera LOL HE PUSHED ME OVER ;~; overall an extremely good day. Love my coworkers :) thanks everyone!

Omg this rug is softer than my bed ;~;

Breakfast at night <3

AW. Last night was a lot of fun, actually. My San Antonio friends<3 they make Texas aiight

I went to my car to nap and ended up just being in my phone the whole time -.- happy Friday!


How I picture lazy Sunday mornings.. Still in bed, not wanting to get up.. And warm sunlight.

Can I get your nudes please?

I don’t have nudes though ;3

Up to trade nudes?

Lol trade them?….. I give them away freeeee!!!!!

Just kidding.

can i finger your butthole?

Loool exit only. Do not enter. One way.

I know you posted one just recently, but the world deserves to see such a cute guy

You can look at my IG though.. LOL I don’t want to take too many haha

Can you post a new selfie please?

Are you mocking how many selfies I take?!? Lol I just did though

can i lick your butthole?

Lol no!

Omg yay lol

I'm happy enough with just the one shirtless pic :) I just never thought this day would've always been hot but again, DAMN. The things I would do.....

Omg. Calm downnnn HAHAHA. Who are you?!